BaselWorld Day 2 PictorialDay 2 in pictures. I used to be capable of seeing some novelties from Bremont, Linde Werdelin watches , Ikepod (Yes! Alive and Kicking!), Ateliers DeMonaco and several others. Your day ended with a great introduction / cocktail from the new Maurice Lacroix replica watches. This launch occured in Bar Rouge on the Ramada hotel in Basel, on the 31st floor. Along with Ben of Hodinkee, Beth Doerr and Louis Nardin of WorldTempus, Bernard of Watching Magazine, Frank of Monochrome and Ernie and his awesome wife of Watch-U-Seek, we enjoyed the new replica watches, drinks and also the amazing view.I've got made a few photos for that ‘FratelloWatches says..forum over at Watch-U-Seek, make sure to take a look! The following are some sneak previews 🙂 The Ikepod chronograph was simply amazing, the style is created by (like all other Ikepods) Marc Newson , who's going to be still behind this business. Prices of these models start at approximately 12.000 Euro and they feature ETA/Valjoux movements. However, these replica watches aren't focussing on movements naturally.Next can be a two pictures i took of the new Linde Werdelin models. The Oktopus with Moon disc (using a F.Piguet movement) along with a close-up in the gold SpidoLite SA timepiece. Look at the brushed finish plus the razor sharp edges, truely stunning!And lastly, the MB&F Horological Machine No.3 imitation watches uk . I am going to try to make some shots from the ‘Enginefor the upcoming Thunderbolt watch.My appointment with Bremont yesterday has also been very interesting. hublot swiss replica watches The brand new U2 will become a contemporary classic in my opinion,. This new timepiece is still in development, but Bremont had the prototype up for display. Pictures will observe soon. replica breitling mulliner watches
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