High Flow Safety Valves

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  • High Flow Safety Valves
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Van an toàn - High Flow Safety Valves Process and steam safety valves Applications: Boiler and superheater, Protection of system components at high pressure or large mass flow, for power plants and industrial steam generators Size: DN20- DN400

 Features and benefits

Feature Inlet sizes DN 20 to DN 400, up to 15 body seat sizes per pressure rating Benefit The variety of versions within the pressure ratings, temperature classes and sizes provides for a flexible choice helping to answer industrial requirements at low cost. > Feature One-trim design for vapours, gases and liquids. Only the spring selected for optimal function may be di•erent. Benefit Easy to use the same valve when operating conditions change, as well as operational reliability in 2-phase flow. Reduction of spare part inventories and inexpensive maintenance.

Feature Maximum lift with lift stop for the certified capacity Benefit Stable position of the disc at full lift > Feature Bellows inside bonnet spacer outside the flow Benefit Bellows is protected from the flow impact, hence increased service life > Feature One-piece spindle, valve disassembly possible without set pressure change Benefit Easy maintenance and repair > Feature Supplementary special designs for the best possible safety valve configuration. Benefit Optimal adjustment of the safety valve to the operating conditions and function requirement.


> For vapours, gases and liquids > Hot water from heat generation plants in full acc. to TRD 721, EN 12828 with admissible supply temperatures up to 120 °C (acc. to TÜV certification 660) > Steam applications up to PN 16 > Potable water

Approvals and standards

EC type examination - Pressure Equipment Directive 97 / 23 / EC - DIN EN ISO 4126-1 - AD 2000-Merkblatt A2 - VdTÜV Merkblatt “Sicherheitsventil 100” VdTÜV type approval acc. to TÜV.SV.13 -1094.d0 .D / G / F.aw.p IMI Bopp & Reuther will not renew the existing VdTÜV type approvals. The requirements by VdTÜV and applicable standards are completely considered by the EC type examination. The design, manufacture, testing and labelling meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 4126-7, DIN EN 12266-1 / -2 (insofar as applicable to safety valves), DIN EN 1092 parts I and II Flanges, AD 2000-Merkblatt A4, AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0, technical rules for steam boiler TRD 110, TRD 421