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Đồng hồ đo lưu lượng khí gas 

Volume  Corrector  is  designed  to  convert  the  measured  gas  volume  and  flow  to
basic conditions. It is assigned to be mounted in pressure reduction and measurement gas
stations. It counts the uncorrected gas volume, on the basis of pulses which are generated
by the reed relay transmitter, placed in the gas meter index head. Gas temperature and gas
pressure  measurements  are  performed,  too.  The  corrector  calculates  the  compressibility
factor  with  the  GERG-88  method,  on  the  basis  of  the  performed  measurements  and  the
declared  gas  composition,  and  it  converts  the  uncorrected  gas  volume  into  standard
conditions (for example: p=101.325 kPa; T=273.15 K).
The corrector also calculates and records:
- the correction coefficient,
- the real volume flux,
- the standard volume flux,
- the gas density in real conditions,
- the energy and mass fluxes that flow through the pipeline,
- the date, time and maximum number of pulses that were counted during one minute,
- the date, time and hour peaks‟ values between sharp hours,
- the date, time and hour peaks‟ values with the shift window.
This  data,  together  with  the  values  of  gas  temperature  and  pressure,  uncorrected  and
standard volume values are remembered in the corrector non-volatile memory. They may be
read  on  the  four-line,  twenty-dgits  LCD,  or  perform  distant-reading  through  the  serial
transmission links. The corrector is equipped with the transfer protocol that is compatible to
the “GAZ-MODEM” protocol, as well as with the functional subset of the “MODBUS” protocol
(RTU and ASCII versions).
The  two  channel  signal  converter  with  power  supply  CZAK-02  can  work  with  CMK-02
corrector. One recommends it especially when frequent readouts are necessary.


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